Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nagoya Woodworker's Exhibit, May 11th - 16th.

Hello friends and readers, I don't get to the blog much, but I hope you check out the photos. I will update those too when I get new projects done that are worth
showing. I appreciate your observations.
I am now prepping for my first furniture exhibit outside of Niigata prefeture. I am participating in a national woodworker's exhibit, in Nagoya, May 11th - 16th. There are 11 different exhibits scattered within the city, each with its own theme. I am scheduled to show in the "Mori no Megumi" (blessings of the forest) exhibit, and the "100 Chairs" exhibit. Mori no Megumi is a 'show only,' 'no-sales' exhibit, and therefore I have decided to honor the theme, to have some fun with it, and not concentrate on saleable works only. I am working particularily on a chair and a lamp stand made of zelkova (elm) branches, also a low round table with a suspended light. I will enter photos of those on the blog once the show is under way - or afterward, knowing me!
Don't hesitate to visit me in Nagoya during the show!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Woodworker's exhibit in Nagoya

Participating in a national woodworker's exhibit in Nagoya,
May 11th to 16th.

One exhibit is for general furniture, with the theme called

"Mori no Megumi." The second exhibit is "100 Chairs."

This is my first exhibit outside of Niigata prefecture.

Please see the website for more infomation.

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